Cypress grows throughout the Southeastern United Sates, primarily in swamps. With many exterior and interior uses, Cypress heartwood is extremely decay and insect resistant due to the naturally occurring preservative known as cypressine. It is used for house construction, docks, beams, decks, flooring, paneling and siding. It can also be milled to make doors, windows, rails, and even caskets. 

Our Cypress flooring is available newly sawn or river-reclaimed. We offer plain sawn, quarter sawn and pecky cut options. Plain Sawn material consists of flat sawn material with arching and vertical grains with some knots that will vary in size based upon grade. Quarter Sawn material is vertical grain and virtually free of knots. Pecky Cypress, commonly used for paneling, is rustic in appearance. The Pecky marks are created by a fungus that causes unique elliptical channels that appear to be carved out along the face of the board. 

Widths:  2” - 12” (wider boards may be available upon request) 
Lengths:  2’ - 12’ (cut for longest possible)
Cuts:  Plain Sawn, Quarter Sawn, Pecky
Application:  Flooring, paneling, trim, mouldings, stair parts, timber frames, doors, siding, beams

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