Reclaimed Bricks

Our reclaimed bricks are sold by the pallet.

We offer reclaimed bricks from our demolition sites that range in date from 1840 to 1888. As such, brick colors vary based on the demolition site location. Customers have used our reclaimed bricks to build fireplaces, arched entryways, walkways, patios and more. These unique bricks, all handmade, add character to any project. On occasion, the bricks have been found to contain dog prints, cat prints, dates, initials and fingerprints. 

Reclaimed beams and brick flooring

Antique bricks being used in this residential fireplace. A reclaimed beam mantel sits atop the antique brick hearth.

Reclaimed bricks used in arches in residential space

Reclaimed brick porch

Reclaimed brick arches in residential space

Antique bricks used for a fireplace with a  Reclaimed Beam  mantel 

Antique bricks used for a fireplace with a Reclaimed Beam mantel 

Reclaimed bricks in residential space

Antique bricks provided by Triton. 

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