Reclaimed Oak

Our Reclaimed Oak products consist of material sawn from reclaimed beams and reclaimed lumber. The material is commonly used for exposed beams, ceiling and wall paneling, trim, moulding, stair parts and flooring. Beams may consist of rough sawn or hand hewn. Our Reclaimed Oak flooring primarily consists of a mixture of both Red Oak and White Oak, but can be graded to consist of either all Red Oak or all White Oak. 

Widths:  2” - 12” (wide boards available on occasion) 
Lengths:  2’ - 12’ (sawn for longest possible)
Grading:  Can vary based upon clients needs; some boards may contain larger knots and nail holes
Application:  Flooring, paneling, trim, mouldings, exposed beams (beams may consist of rough sawn or hand hewn) 

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