Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch flooring is similar to Heart Pine at a fraction of the cost. The material is harvested from Russia and is considered to be an old growth sustainable resource. It has been used in structures for many years as flooring, siding and decking material, and it readily accepts most stains and finishes. 

Our Nature Grade Siberian Larch is comprised of tight grains and tight knots. Rustic Grade contains larger and more frequent knots.  

Widths:  5 ½” Solid.  5” to 8” Engineered.
Length:  6’5” 
Grading:  Nature or Rustic
Application:  Flooring, paneling, trim, mouldings, stair parts
Finish:  Prefinished or Unfinished, stained or natural
Construction:  Solid or Engineered (see Widths above)

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