Antique Tobacco Baskets 

"From the floor of old tobacco warehouses, to the walls of your home"

Yellow, Natural, Black, and White bindings all available. 

      Tobacco, after being carried to the warehouses was stored on the floor until auctioned off, presenting a problem due to the mud and dirt on the floor of the warehouses. Therefore, the "Tobacco Basket" was created in order to store the tobacco leaves off of the warehouse floor.

      With the bottom being woven together with 2" strips of Oak, after being soaked in boiling soda water for flexibility and a rim made of Oak strips doubled over the sides, tobacco baskets were designed and built to stand the test of time.

      Due to the time-consuming nature of hand tying the Tobacco in the baskets, the tobacco sheet inevitably pushed the baskets to almost extinction in the late 1960's.  Up until then, North Carolina was known as "The tobacco basket capitol of the world."

      At Triton, we have a vast assortment of North Carolina made Tobacco baskets in various colors and states of distress.  Each basket is 42" square with a 2" thickness. Order yours today, and, instantly add a bit of North Carolina agriculture history to your home or garden. 

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