Types of Exposed Timber Trusses

King Post Truss

The King Post Truss is the simplest type of truss. Fitting perfectly into rooms with a single ridge beam. Most commonly recognized by its single post down the center of the truss.

King Post Truss - Winterville, NC

    Today the King Post Truss is most commonly found in smaller commercial buildings along with homes with low pitch roofs. However, all throughout American history they can be found in massive barns and meeting houses. Home and business owners who choose the King Post Truss typically are in need of providing a large space without the use of load bearing walls or columns. 

Crossing Scissor Truss

Modified Crossing Scissor - Beaufort, NC

      Most commonly seen in high pitch roofs Scissor Trusses gain their name from the X shape the bottom chords create by crossing one another, creating the look of an open pair of scissors. One of the many benefits of the Crossing Scissor Truss is that it is fully customizable to fit your needs and tastes.  Scissor Trusses are most frequently found in residential properties. 

Hammer Beam Truss

Hammer Beam Truss - Beaufort, NC

         The Hammer Beam Truss is a more decorative truss. Gaining its name from the lack of tie beams which have been replaced by hammer beams extending from the walls. The lack of tie beams create a large open feel allowing for the more decorative look that is usually associated with Hammer Beam Truss.

Curved Chord Truss

Curved Cord Truss - Fredericksburg, VA

       A Curved Chord Truss can be related to any King Post Truss or Crossing Scissor Truss design, with the exception of the lower chord being curved.



Heavy Timber Brackets

Heavy Timber Brackets - Cashiers, NC

    Traditional wood joinery brackets are most commonly found but not limited to porches and overhangs. Both decorative and structurally supportive, brackets are sure to add an amazing flare to your project 

Bolted Trusses

Bolted Truss with Custom finish. Beaufort, NC

All of our trusses can be designed to be joined by pegs or steel bolts depending on which design you desire. Steel bolts provide a more industrial and modern look, as opposed to the more tradition look of the pegs used in traditional wood joinery. 



McLean, VA

A pergola is a garden or outdoor feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical timbers supporting cross-timbers and a sturdy open lattice. As a type of gazebo, it may also be an extension of a building, or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions.