White Oak

White Oak is the second most popular flooring choice among contractors, after Red Oak. Providing a tan to brown color variation, it has been used throughout the world to produce flooring, furniture, paneling and trim. 

Our White Oak flooring line consists of four National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA) grades. Select Grade is comprised of mostly arching grains and virtually free of knots. Rift & Quartered is uniform in appearance,  consists of vertical grains and is virtually free of knots. Nature Grade, the most commonly selected, consists of small tight knots, slight color variation and varying grain patterns. Rustic Grade, our second most popular White Oak flooring, consists of larger and more frequent knots, a greater variation in color, and varying grain patterns. 

Widths:  2” - 12” (Wider widths available upon request) 
Lengths:  2’ - 12’ (sawn for longest possible)
Grading:  Select, Nature, Rustic
Application:  Flooring, wall and ceiling paneling, trim, mouldings, stair parts
Finish:  Prefinished or Unfinished (custom finishes available)
Construction:  Solid or Engineered

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